It’s time to invest in yourself. Rewrite the story of your life!

Integrative Coaching is a transformational journey. As a coach I support, guide and teach women how to let go of their old stories of limiting belief’s that have held them back from the life they dream of. It is about stepping out of the past and into a life we can be passionate about.

I am devoted to creating safe, confidential spaces for my clients to share their stories. By the end of our journey together you will come away with a new empowering story of your life. One that will keep you excited and ready for change!  You will never look at your life the same way ever again! You will find the answers to the questions you have been asking yourself. I will teach you how to listen, hear and then act on the desires of your heart. You already have the answers to these questions; you simply need the right support and guidance to uncover them. Your journey will create deeper, richer, and more meaningful relationships in all areas of your life – and, most importantly, will teach you how to take action towards the life you have dreamed of living!

Hear what clients are saying. 

How I traded in daydreaming for living my dreams!”
“I now know what it means to feel comfortable in one’s own skin!”
“I now understand “me” and I am more that enough!” Read their full stories below! 

Integrative Coaching is done over the phone for one-hour sessions each week.  With this approach, our sessions are private and you can remain in a comfortable environment of your choosing – even your own home. In addition, you will be invited to set aside at least one hour for journaling and self-care each week. You most likely spent at least that much time or more volunteering and caring for others, so its time to focus on you.  At this stage of our lives, it is important to become a champion for change! Life is too short.

Be excited about life again – begin this sacred journey of discovery today!


I am a Certified Integrative Life Coach Professional as well as a Natural Living Coach. Although these are two different forms of coaching they beautifully enhance each other and have come about through my own growth.  The below models and workshop  are what I offer with my Integrative training.

I had the honor of receiving my training certification from The Ford Institute, founded and taught by Debbie Ford and her amazing staff. Debbie sadly left our world too soon, but left a powerful legacy of Shadow work behind. This work has transformed thousands of lives around the world, including my own.

Debbie’s coaching models focus on uncovering, accepting, then integrating our Shadows – those parts of ourselves that we keep hidden, or are in our subconscious. These parts keep us stuck and fearful, and unable to create change. The healing begins when we are prepared to be honest with ourselves so that we can acknowledge and let go of the self-destructive patterns that hold us back from living life to the fullest

Integrative Coaching Models

by_sealThe Best Year of Your Life

Through this 16-week process, you will identify what is most important to you, and design an achievement plan with daily actions and weekly breakthroughs! You will take huge steps towards the highest vision for your life and experience the best year of your life!

Life will always mirror
bp_sealBlueprint Shadow Coaching

This is a 12 week proven process; when you take away your out-dated beliefs, fears and heartache, you are guided to an open-ended place of possibilities for your life!! You will uncover that you are already enough, already great! Joyce will guide you through the shadows that stand between you and your most authentic amazing self!  This is a rare and powerful coaching the will uncover the blueprint of your soul’s greatest vision of who you are!

Mountain river. A stream of water in forest and mountain terrain
sd_sealSpiritual Divorce Coaching

This is a 12 week proven process that is deeply healing. Have you gone through a painful divorce and are now ready to move on but are not sure how? Have you lost a loved one through death and feel it is time to let go but still feel stuck in the pain?  Do you have conflict with a family member or friend, and need healing or closure?  Separations of any kind can be difficult, and can leave us feeling lonely or angry.  Spiritual Divorce Coaching is designed to rebuild your future with love and compassion; it’s about liberating yourself from the past and healing your heart so that you can move into a powerful future with compassion for yourself and others!

Interactive Shadow Movie Exploration

This guided workshop follows Debbie Ford’s documentaryThe Shadow Effect‘ to reveal the transformational power of the Shadow and will inspire you to change the way you look at the world. This workshop series is held as 2 ½ hour sessions, once weekly for 4 weeks.

Week 1: Introduction
Week 2: Secret Life and Projection
Week 3: Stress & Wisdom in the Wounds
Week 4: Light Shadow and Forgiveness

My one-to-one coaching rate is $55 per session.  Models range from 12-16 session commitments.  A sliding scale pricing is available; for more information, please contact.

What Clients are saying about their coaching journey: 

Shadow coaching has truly been a path of self-discovery for me… Now that I know how to see myself differently, I can apply this awareness to all parts of my life… Joyce has given me a special skill of insight which I will benefit from for the rest of my life. Joyce is a remarkable coach with tremendously deep insight, and she has the skill and passion to be able to share it.”   Dianne Doucet Murray 

“I have always taken pride in who I am and what I have achieved in life…however, I also acknowledge that there were many gray (and sometimes dark) areas that held me back from truly celebrating and honouring my uniqueness.   With Joyce as my life coach I experienced a true paradigm shift that forever altered how I view myself and my world. I completed the Blueprint Coaching sessions with a renewed passion for my chosen career, a deeper commitment to personal self-care, and a profound sense of gratitude for having the paulette (510x640)opportunity to be coached by such a gifted person. Thank you for the most incredible journey of my life … the journey inward!”  Paulette Sweeney-Goodwin; Managing Director at Yarmouth Hospital Foundation Nova Scotia 


So much of my life has changed since Joyce has become part of it. Many beautiful changes. But all of that growth stems from one life-changing message. Something you hear all your life, but don’t know quite how to live or believe. Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz had Glynda the Good Witch. I have Joyce Boudreau. Touching my life with her magic wand until I somehow started to believe the message, too. The message that…. I always had the power.  And before you know it, after a life of seeking and searching, you find your way home. The place you were meant to be, but somehow couldn’t get to on your own. I’m in that place, thanks to Joyce, my Glynda, my friend and without question the best life coach from Pittsburgh to Oz.”  Betsy Fitzpatrick, Pennsylvania, USA

“Having Joyce as a coach is a profound experience because in her wisdom she helped me go searching within to find mine.  She challenged me to go to a place of quiet where I replaced worry with love and gratitude.  She led me to understand why we need to set goals and create timelines to fulfill those goals.  Her gentleness and her firmness has opened a window and fresh air is flowing through my soul.”   Joan Paquette, Nova Scotia

“Even elite athletes have coaches, so why shouldn’t I have a coach for the most important thing – my life? The coaching sessions are providing me with the tools to have the best possible life I can. The sessions help me develop and learn to use the tools to the best of my ability in my everyday life. I am learning to ask the right questions and to dig deep within myself to find the answers.”  Wanda L Cann, Nova Scotia; Banker

eshterI have had an issue with self-sabotage for many years. I have discovered though the coaching how my original blueprint was influenced by core beliefs I took on as a child. Beliefs about who I was and who I had to be in order to be loved and accepted. Dealing with these beliefs meant coming face to face with who I am and who I am not. I now know what it means to feel comfortable in one’s own skin. What makes such a journey bearable is having a guiding light that makes us feel safe. Joyce has been that light for me. Joyce’s support though  intuitive guidance, holding me accountable for my own process and celebrating with me as I uncovered new insights made this process a “wonder” filled experience.”   Esther Frances Saulnier, Nova Scotia;  Owner of Laughing Brook Studio / Experiential Art Facilitator

“In what I can only describe as the most safe, encouraging environment, never have I ventured so deep into my heart.  Never have I come face-to-face with those parts of me that have, indeed, made me who I am.  Now instead of fighting off those inner parts of me that I considered unacceptable, I have embraced them as part of who I am, and that makes me a complete, beautiful woman.   I now understand “me”.  And… I am more than enough. Looking back, I am reminded that these doors to the deepest parts of my heart could have remained locked for a long time.  It was only with a willing heart and the safe, gentle manner by which Joyce guided me that those doors were opened.  Thank you Joyce, for being the instrument through which I found ME.”  Pam Mood, Nova Scotia; Owner of Mood Consulting

DSC_3496“I had the honor and the privilege to be coached by Joyce Boudreau at a pivotal time in my life.  I reached out to Joyce for coaching shortly after being diagnosed with breast cancer – I needed support and guidance to understand what this “dis-ease” was here to teach me instead of being filled with fear and disempowerment.  Joyce was an amazing coach and guide as I explored the shadow of cancer and the underlying vulnerability. Through Joyce’s coaching, I was able to know the true strength of vulnerability and to lovingly ask my family and friends for the support I needed.   She guided me to my soul’s healing as I stepped into a new level of vibrancy in all aspects of my life – physically, emotionally, and spiritually and I will be forever grateful to her!” Kathy Zehringer, Colorado, USA;  Independent Professional Training & Coaching Professional