On-site local workshops organized and facilitated by Mystic Sunrise are individually priced.  Explore each page to learn more about what I have to offer.  If you are part of an organization and would love to bring these Personal Development or Natural Living workshops to your group or workplace, please contact me for my rates.

All retreats and workshops are scent free.

Journaling for Self Empowerment

Intentional journaling for inner clarity.

Rewrite Your Story

Learn tools and techniques to rewrite your life’s path.

Transformational Book Club Series

Change the way you see your world (and yourself) forever!

 Annual Women’s Retreat

Breathe deeply and allow nature to do the rest in this supportive group of women.

Do It Yourself: Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Learn how to effectively clean your home with earth-friendly products already found in your kitchen.

Do It Yourself: Herbal Infusions

Learn how to make teas that energize and nourish your body.

Do It Yourself: Skin Care

Learn how to make your own skin care products for mature skin without toxic preservatives.


What organizations are saying 

11004177_10153232068169155_1217799315_n (480x640)“My name is Kathleen Mooney and I work as Manager of the Women’s Economic Security Project, Tri-County Women’s Centre.  I hired Joyce Boudreau for two workshops in 2014 “Eco friendly cleaning” and her 6 week series called “Rewrite your Story”.

The “Eco cleaning workshop” taught our clients easy and effective ways to clean their homes that were both environmentally friendly and very economical. This was a light and fun workshop but very effective in teaching skills that were very applicable to their lives.

In her 6-week series “Rewrite your story”, using her expertise in life coaching, Joyce taught our clients new ways of looking at themselves and at others who come into their lives. Over the course of a 6-week period, she helped them understand that they all have choices and opportunities and that we are not simply a victim of our own circumstances. Using her own life experience as examples, Joyce brings a great deal of credibility into her work. With her “no excuses approach”, she gently breaks down our paradigms of what our life is. Joyce challenged us all to take responsibility for ourselves and to reach beyond what we thought possible. “

We were impressed with the results of her work so most recently we have hired Joyce to coach two of our clients on a one-to-one basis as a pilot project.

I would highly recommend her services.”

Kathleen Mooney
Manager, Women’s Economic Security Project