Eco-Friendly Cleaning

eco cleaner

Throw away your rubber gloves and masks! Let your children help with the cleaning!

Learn how to make household cleaning products that are both effective and gentle on the environment. This fun and educational workshop will have a lasting impact on how you clean your home, and make you feel better about it. Let us all create happier, healthier homes together! Find out how simple, economical and fun cleaning can be. 

All workshop participants will leave with some samples and recipes.

Workshop Length: 2 hours


Curious to try before you buy? Make this ‘Ultimate Bathroom Cleaner’ recipe at home, and try your hand at home-made eco-friendly cleaners.

1/4 cup of Dr. Bonner’s Mild Unscented Liquid Soap
1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide
1 Tbsp of Borax (or washing or baking soda)
10 drops of tea tree essential oil
10 drops of either lavender or citrus essential oils

Directions to make: Start with 1 cup of very hot water and dissolve the borax or soda. Mix in the other ingredients with 2 1/2 cups more water. Mix well and pour into a spray bottle.

Directions for use: Spray surfaces, let stand for 5 or 10 minutes, and then wipe clean!